Oia Oasis Restaurant Branding and Menu Design

An intimate hideaway halfway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi on a stretch of picturesque coastline. Serene splendour is on offer in this Greek-island-inspired gem.

Jackson Daly developed the branding design for the signature restaurant. Oia Oasis takes its name from the town on the Island of Santorini which inspired the architecture. The shapes of the logo are derived from the architectural arches in the windows and curves of the roof.

The soft coral colour is inspired by the evening light on the white walls and adds a soft wash of colour to the white restaurant space.

Project: Restaurant branding and menu design

Location: Anantara Santorini Abu Dhabi Retreat, UAE

Client: Anantara

Operator: Anantara

Status: Opened 2024

Work period: 2024

Scope: Brand identity and menus.