Navarino Waterfront, Peloponnese, Greece

Navarino Waterfront is the vibrant lifestyle area of Messenia, Greece. Built around a marina it features artisanal street food, select retail outlets, outdoor music, on-screen entertainment and lively nightlife venues.

The location map that appears on the signage is hand illustrated to add character. This has been geolocated as a Google overlay allowing you to move around the map when using the Navarino Phone App.

Navarino Waterfront is home to W Costa Navarino and Mandarin Oriental Costa Navarino hotels.

Project:Waterfront destination with marina, retail and accommodation.
Location: Messina, Peloponnese, Greece
Client: TEMES
Operator: TEMES
Status: Opened 2023
Work period: 2021-2023
Scope: Signage and wayfinding design

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